Leader Link – New Service

Leader Link is a new and innovative service offered by the community foundation that matches local agencies with potential board members. Candidates come from the community, business sector and the program Leadership Snohomish County. Interested candidates are screened and individually matched with nonprofits or public boards that meet their interests and passions.

For You…Leaders…

I am interested in serving on a local, nonprofit board and would like help to find the right spot for me. Complete the attached LeaderLink Candidate Form or contact Elizabeth Moran at Elizabeth@cf-sc.org for more details.

For Nonprofits…

Our agency would like to connect with interested leaders. Please email the attached LeaderLink Nonprofit Form along with your board of directors’ responsibilities and a list of your current board members to Elizabeth Moran @ Elizabeth@cf-sc.org.


You may sign up to receive information about our FREE workshops for staff and board members of local nonprofits.