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CFSC Events & Opportunities in August

August Events

CFSC is in partnership with Verdant Health Commission to host a DEI summer workshop 4-part series led by Founder/Principal Consultant Tony Nabors. Click the links below to learn more and register for 2 remaining workshops:

• Implicit Bias on Tuesday, August 16th from 10-12am:

• Microaggressions: Death by a 1,000 Cuts on Tuesday, August 30th from 10am-12pm:


Articles, podcasts, & resources recommended by CFSC staff  

1. Looking Forward Giving Back Episode 17 podcast by Elena Pullen-Venema: How a Community Organizer in India Becomes an Estate Planning Attorney

2. Why Must I Relive My Deepest Trauma to Convince Donors to Fund My Organization?

3. Fundraising Leadership at the Biggest Groups Still Has a ‘Shocking’ Lack of Diversity Despite Racial Reckoning

4. WA tenants need to work 72 hours a week at minimum wage to afford rent

5. The Most Critical Ingredient in Leadership

6.Meet the new GDP prototype that tracks inequality

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