Give Through Your Will


Leave a legacy in your community. By making a gift to the Community Foundation in your will or living trust you can provide long term support to the charities you cared about during your lifetime. You can leave a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to charity. Even 1% of your estate could make a significant gift to a nonprofit of your choice. Your children and heirs receive 99% of your estate, and a charity you love receives the remaining 1%. You can also designate that the residual of your estate be donated to charity upon your death. Your heirs will receive their inheritance, and with whatever portion of your estate is left over, you will create a charitable legacy that will live on for generations. Just tell the Community Foundation how you would like your gift to be used.

For more information about making a charitable gift through your will, please email Angelique Leone or call (425) 212-4056.

Are you working with your attorney or financial advisor as you make plans for your estate? We have materials that they may find useful in the professional advisor section of our website.


Trust for Tomorrow is our legacy society that recognizes people who plan to make a gift to the Community Foundation through their will. We welcome the opportunity to thank you for your generous future gift during your lifetime by including you in this growing list of generous individuals. If you have made provisions for a future gift to the Community Foundation and would like to be recognized as a member of the Trust for Tomorrow please email Angelique Leone or call (425) 212-4056, or fill out our membership form and return it to us.