Schedule of Fees

Type of Fund Administrative & Investment Fees

Endowed Funds







►For endowed funds requiring the standard level of service,
fees are:

2.00% for first $500,000
1.75% up to $2 million
1.50% over $2 million

Note:  Fees include all investment management expenses.

►For funds managed by financial advisors outside our investment
pool we will charge a 1% fee in addition to whatever fee the financial
advisor charges.

Non-Endowed Funds

(Pass-Through Funds)


► Non-endowed funds of $250,000 or more will be invested in our
pool and retain earnings.  These funds will be charged a 2% fee.
► Non-endowed funds of less than $250,000 will not retain earnings.
These funds will be charged a 4% or $2,000 annual fee whichever is greater.
Agency Endowments


For agencies with total endowed fund assets of $500,000 or more,
who want a basic level of service (i.e. one check per year, one meeting per year),
fees are:
1.75% for first $500,000
1.50% up to $2 million
1.25% over $2 million

Note:  Fees include all investment management expenses.

Fiscal Sponsorships


►We will offer this service on a limited basis and by application only.

►Fee will be determined based on services requested.  Minimum fee of 10%
will be charged on deposits.

Employee Giving Funds


►Due to the high number of transactions for this type of fund
we will charge a minimum annual fee of $1,000.

Additional Fees


► Credit card processing fee                    3% of gift

► Grant application administration        $750 per cycle

► Community Impact fundraising           10% of deposits

Minimum annual fee for all funds is $500
Fees will begin once money is deposited into fund.
Fees are calculated quarterly based on average daily balance.
Last updated 04/23/15