Foundation Services

A solid investment.

The agency’s fund enjoys the advantage of being invested in a larger pool of assets, which can lead to greater growth, greater income, and lower investment fees. Funds are overseen by financial experts and local community members.

Quarterly fund statements.

Statements are mailed or emailed to agency designee with information on the fund’s activity during the preceding quarter.

Fundraising support.

We will meet with you and donors who are considering adding to your endowment. We are a great support to your development department.

Flexible investment.

You will have the ability to invest the money in perpetuity or request to have it returned by a majority vote of your board of directors. While the money is comingled with other assets for investment purposes, all gifts to the fund are designated for your agency’s use only and will not be used for other purposes.

Marketing support.

The agency endowment fund receives exposure by being listed in the Community Foundation’s annual report, reaching more, and perhaps different, donors than those on the agency’s current list. When the fund is invested with the Community Foundation we host a welcome reception for your board and donors.