Mission & Values

Our Mission

Partner with donors and organizations to strengthen
Snohomish County communities.

Our Values

The Community Foundation works in many roles including that of a funder, partner, and catalyst for change in Snohomish County. In 2020 we formed our first equity team to deepen our commitment to race equity and social justice. Our board and staff have been on a dedicated journey to dismantle racism and oppressive policies in our organization, in our teams and in ourselves. These core values support our vision and shape the culture of our organization. They are guided by anti-racist principles and our Equity Statement, which details the Community Foundation’s commitment to transforming ourselves into a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

Community Centered & Community Led
We center community voice. We seek relationships to co-create community change that prioritizes those who are most impacted. We lead with intention and commit to developing an equitable and inclusive organization where all individuals and intersecting identities are recognized and honored. We interrupt and innovate in a complex and rapidly changing environment while prioritizing relationships, partnerships, and people.

Brave & Courageous
We stand in courage. We challenge ourselves to speak up, take risks and fight for justice, equity, and lasting systemic change. We acknowledge that “not being racist” is not enough. We actively oppose racism in our organization and community. We sustain an anti-racist culture of growth and learning that acknowledges how our biases, power and privilege influence our actions.

Authentic & Accountable
We repair our mistakes and recognize that while our intent is to strengthen our community, we are not immune to causing harm. We lead with integrity and a continual commitment to self-reflection and sincere engagement. We challenge our discomfort and a culture that prioritizes niceness and politeness over justice. We voice and share our viewpoints even when difficult or unpopular. In doing so, we are committed to listen, learn, and grow.

Adaptive & Flexible
Continued uncertainty requires operational resiliency. Our team is agile and holds a vision for long-term community impact along with an openness to continual evaluation and change. Relationships, partnerships, and people are prioritized within a culture of trust and collaboration.


Adopted by the Board of Directors on October 27, 2021.