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Client-Centered Philanthropy

The Community Foundation provides charitable resources and tools for you, and personalized options for your clients. We help you meet your clients’ charitable, legacy, and financial goals while increasing diverse and equitable philanthropy in our community. Although the Foundation is a public charity, it does not promote one charitable cause. Instead, we help donors build and hold endowments to provide for Snohomish County’s changing needs.


Professional Advisors Brochure
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Do you have clients who care about their community?

Do they give annually to more than one charity?

Could they benefit from the tax savings from charitable donations to a local nonprofit? Check out new tax-friendly options for clients in the 2023 SECURE Act 2.0. 

Download our brochure for client options or visit the AccountantsAttorneys or Financial Advisors pages for free resources and tools.

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Looking Forward. Giving Back. is a podcast that provides charitable resources and tools to professional advisors and personalized options to their clients. Through interviews with attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors, we explore how to help clients meet charitable, legacy, and financial goals while increasing diverse and equitable philanthropy in our community.

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Talking to clients about charitable giving

How do professional advisors talk to clients about charitable giving? 
Check out the following videos to hear from advisors and clients who are working directly with the Community Foundation of Snohomish County. To start the conversation with your clients.

Community Foundation of Snohomish County Funds

What is a charitable fund and how can the CFSC help me create one focused on my personal planning goals?

The client conversation

How do advisors start conversations with clients about the benefits of charitable giving? What is it like working with the CFSC as a financial advisor, attorney, or accountant?

Partnering with the community foundation – for attorneys and their clients

What do estate planning attorneys and their clients say about the CFSC? How do we help them meet estate planning and legacy goals?

Partnering with the Community Foundation – For Financial Advisors and Their Clients

What do financial advisors and their clients say about working with the CFSC? How do we help them meet current and future financial, tax, and charitable goals?

When you work with the Community Foundation, you can support the charitable causes you care about when and how you want.  Whether you create a charitable fund during your lifetime or choose to give through your will, trust or another deferred gift, we will help you design a strategy that is tailored to your charitable interests as well as your financial needs.

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