Family Support Centers Certification

Certification establishes a minimum level and quality of service delivery for Family Support Centers (FSCs) in Snohomish County. Certified FSCs are able to participate in functions organized by the Family Support Center Network, including trainings, leadership meetings, and marketing opportunities.  This process was developed in partnership by the Family Support Center Network of Snohomish County, Community Foundation of Snohomish County, and the Snohomish County Human Services Department.

Certification is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for contracting with the Snohomish County Human Services Department (HSD) as an FSC. However, certification in no way guarantees funding from the HSD.

Please review all of the documents below to understand this process, timeline and requirements.  If you have questions, please contact Angelique Leone at .

Certification Overview and Requirements

STEP 1 – Threshold Eligibility

STEP 2 — Portfolio of Quality Standards

STEP 3 – Site Visit

STEP 4 – First Year Recertification