Who We Are & What We Do

The Community Foundation seeks to be a catalyst for change in Snohomish County. We promote charitable giving and strive to create community impact through our grantmaking. We also offer training and workshops to local nonprofits to help improve their effectiveness and to improve the impact of grantmaking for our donors.

Families, individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations have started more than 155 charitable funds at the Community Foundation. Together, we’ve awarded more than $40 million in grants since 2001. Grants support every imaginable area of our community from homeless shelters and local arts organizations to tree-planting projects and writing programs in schools. The Foundation also has special community funds that support Arts & Culture, Community Impact, Education, Environment, Health & Wellness and Human Services.

Grant impact grows over time.

Grants are made from individuals, families, and organizations that start funds to help fulfill their passions and interests. Whatever the donors’ interest, we help them set up a fund to support the things they most love. Once started, funds are invested as endowments. Each year the earnings are used for grantmaking. Because the funds are pooled, donors get a better rate of return than they could individually. Over time, the funds grow larger even while giving out grants. This formula ensures that funds will remain in the community forever.

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