• What is a community foundation?

Community foundations are tax-exempt public charities that serve local donors who wish to take an organized approach to giving. Community foundations are public charities so their donors enjoy increased tax advantages not available to private foundation donors. Community foundation donors also receive professional support without hiring staff. Unlike private foundations, community foundations invest and administer a pool of funds contributed by numerous donors. Together, these donors create an endowment—in essence, a community savings account—designed to ensure the long-term health of the nonprofit community. To learn more, visit the Council on Foundations.

• Does the Foundation publicize its grant awards?

Yes. Grant awards are publicized in our annual report and in local media.

• Can charitable funds established at the Community Foundation benefit organizations outside of Snohomish County?

Yes. We help donors achieve their charitable goals in Snohomish County and beyond.

• How does the Community Foundation invest its funds?

As stewards of the community’s funds, the Community Foundation invests for the long term. Our portfolio is highly diversified and has shown to produce outstanding long-term results. We are pleased to retain Wells Fargo, D.A. Davidson, and Harbour Investments as our primary investment consultants.