Everett Youth – 2018/2019

Grants will support programs and services for school-aged youth in Everett School District who live within the boundaries of Cascade and Everett High Schools. Programs may be based in schools or in the community.

Grant Criteria

Eligible organizations: 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations (or fiscally sponsored by one) or individual schools in Everett School District that feed into Cascade or Everett High Schools. Organizations are limited to one application in this grant process. Grant range up to $10,000 (Funding time frame March 2019 – June 2020)  Capital requests and endowments will not be considered. Operating expenses may be included in an overall program request. The strongest applications will include a clear scope of work and strong, detailed budget.

Priorities will include:

  • Basic Needs:  (Food, Clothing, Shelter)
  • Behavioral Health
  • Personal Safety
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Employment/Education Readiness
  • Any other services that helps youth overcome barriers to access and success.

Grants will be reviewed by a volunteer committee and awarded from the following geographic funds held at the Community Foundation: Everett Youth Impact Fund and the William & Barbara Savery Endowment.

Deadline: February 4th, 2019

Notification: Agencies will be notified within 40 days of the committee decision

Follow Up: Online report due by July 2020

Apply here

For questions regarding grants or the online grant process, contact Elizabeth@cf-sc.org

For more grant opportunities at the Community Foundation click here