Nysether Family Foundations Funds at the CFSC- Spring Cycle- 2018- Grant Criteria

The Nysether Family Foundations Funds at the CFSC

Primary Areas of Interest

Dedicated to improving the quality of life and services available for local youth, seniors and developmentally challenged individuals of all ages and preserving our quality of life by advocating the intrinsic value of animal life in our environment and the conservation and preservation of our natural landscapes while respecting the private property rights of others. Generally, The Nysether Family Foundation Funds make contributions to pre-selected charitable organizations, although it will review applications in which the primary purpose of the request is aligned with the Foundations Mission Statement and the request falls within the following general areas:

  • Program expenses that are unique and add value to the organizations participants
  • Targeted Capital Expenses for facility and equipment upgrades benefiting participants
  • Capital Campaign requests of $25,000.00 or less
  • General Operating Expenses of small organizations
  • Projects emphasizing the collaboration of services with other organizations
  • Endowment campaigns where the assets are held by and fiscal oversight is handled by a third party will be considered, but endowments are not a primary area of interest

Grant Requests Limits
Grants are typically approved on a year-to-year basis. An evaluation of grant dollars spent will be requested of grantees.

  • Minimum Grant – $1,000 per grant request
  • Maximum Grant – $20,000.00 in one year to one organization (except for capital campaigns)
  • Average Grant – $7,000 average for all grants in awarded in one year
  • Capital Campaign Grants – Maximum $25,000.00
  • Multi-year Grants – Multi-year grants will be considered, and are subject to year-end documentation, with outcome data and evaluations required each year for continued funding. The Maximum amount is $25,000.00 total over 3 years.

Geographic Focus
Organizations headquartered in or providing substantial services within Snohomish County. Limited funding will also be available for unique programs serving Skagit, Island, Chelan and Okanogan counties. Funding in King County will be limited to organizations providing programs or services that are not generally available in Snohomish County.

Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) organization. The Nysether Foundations Funds at the CFSC generally do not support following organizations:

  • Sectarian or Religious organizations for which the principal activity is for the benefit of its members or the furtherance of the organization’s purpose.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age or disability, race, ethnic origin or religion.
  • Private pre-school or similar day care facilities, private schools in general or private school education programs, school related athletic events, trips or activities such as orchestras, bands and yearbooks. Any private or public school individual students either directly or indirectly through scholarships.
  • College or post-graduate scholarships
  • Partisan political activities or political candidates or labor organizations.
  • Programs serving indigent persons, such as food banks and missions, unless the program request specifically address the needs of local youth and/or seniors and/or developmentally challenged individuals.
  • Grants made directly to individuals or families, private foundations or governmental institutions. This exclusion does not include public foundations established to support schools, parks and other quasigovernmental institutions that meet the CFSC funding requirements and also meet the Nysether Family Foundation Funds areas of interest.
  • Annual fund raising events, such as dinners, auctions, walk-a-thons, etc.
  • Generally, only one grant is awarded per organization in a 12 month period, but we consider unique requests sooner.

LOI Deadline: March 23rd, 2018

Application Deadline: April 26th, 2018

Notification: Agencies will be notified within 60 days of the committee decision.

Follow Up: Grant Evaluation and Report to be completed online within one year of grant award.

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