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• How do I make a grant recommendation?

In order to process a grant our staff needs a written recommendation from the fund holder. This can be an email or you can complete the Grant Recommendation and return it to our office.

• How long does it take for a grant check to reach a recipient?

Grant checks are processed weekly

• Can I recommend a multi-year grant from my fund?

It is possible to set up a multi-year commitment from a Donor Advised Fund using a Grant Recommendation.  The Community Foundation of Snohomish County cannot honor any pledge commitments from a donor to an organization. If you plan to make a multi-year commitment that will be paid out of a CFSC fund, it is crucial that you work with us from the outset and do not sign any pledge documents.

• Can I buy a ticket to a charity event from my fund?

No. It is illegal to receive any personal benefit as a result of making a contribution from a Donor Advised Fund. Therefore, event tickets, auction items and other such benefits cannot be purchased through your fund. You may donate to a charity through your fund, but you must purchase event tickets separately.

• Can I recommend that grants be made anonymously?

Yes, absolutely. You may choose that your name, the name of your fund, or both remain anonymous in the letter that accompanies your grant checks. It is a simple process, and we are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining anonymity for our donors who request it.

• How often are fund statements produced?

Fund statements are produced quarterly in the end of April, July, October and January for the preceding quarter. We can either mail or email them to you or you can select to have secure on-line access to your fund information.